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Each one of these amazing teachers adds something special to our community. We can’t wait for you to get to know them!

Alina Nikishina
If you're a new entrepreneur and you're feeling overwhelmed due to not knowing how to get started and what will set you on your path to success, I want to help you! When I started my first business in 2018, I didn't realize that most of us are not conditioned to be brave and bold entrepreneurs. Instead - we are prepared to be employees who follow rules and procedures and ask for permission! After working with my own coaches and mentors, I learned that it's imperative for us to "re-wire" our mindset, tune in to our spirituality and intuition, and focus on the right business strategies to move forward. Now - I'm fired up to help others who are just getting started because I want there to be more badass entrepreneurs in this world!
Business Coach & Mentor
Stephanie Miramontes
Sustainable fitness and physical transformation is all about what you can add to your life, not what you have to give up. More love, more compassion, more pleasure, and a trusting relationship with your body. Ahhhh….It’s about time. With a Mind Body Soul approach to fitness, the only thing you'll be giving up, are the habits that hold you back from being who you really are.
Body Image, Fitness, Nutrition, Desire Map Coaching
Angela Kristen Taylor
Productivity is rooted in emotion. Basically, what that means is that how you feel on the inside directly corresponds to how you perform out in the world. If you've been feeling overwhelmed, like you know what you're supposed to do but have trouble actually getting it done and instead seem to just be putting out fires and managing the day-to-day instead of seeing your business grow and creating the life you really want, then let's talk... I can help you go from stressed and overwhelmed to balanced, organized, and growing!
Integrative Productivity
Marissa Loewen
Fee per hour
Using powerful questions and my 20+ years in marketing, communications, public relations, website design and small business strategy, I help small business owners create the rules that work for them and help them create thriving, prosperous, resilient businesses that fuel them - the business owner.
Transformational Business Coach for Small Business Owners
Hayleigh Bailey
Fee per hour
Here at Give Back Digital, we’re all about giving back and helping you do the same. We support online entrepreneurs, specifically business coaches, who sell products and services that positively impact people and the planet. You can take a load off and let us accomplish the work that makes you feel busy rather than inspired. We want to enable you to focus on what really matters.
Virtual Assistance
Kryzia Olsen
I help entrepreneurs with digestive problems and anxiety/depression so that they no longer fear food and can be more present in their lives.
Naturopathic Physician, Licensed Acupuncturist

Business Growth

Grow your business, build your audience, and generate more leads, clients, and sales

Personal Growth

Overcome your blocks to success and become the best version of you


Connect the dots between emotion and performance

Life Management

Create the lifestyle you need to support your climb to success


Our teachers created these carefully curated online courses to help you advance to a higher level in your life and business journey

Diet Transcended
1:1 Nutrition Coaching with Steph. Learn how a psychological approach to fat loss helps you stay lean forever. The body you love, without the drama.
$74 / week
Living On Purpose For Impact
This series is designed to help you get clarity, direction, and the confidence you need to live a fulfilled, inspired, and purposeful life of impact – in your personal and business life. Do you have a clear and inspiring vision for your life and career? A vision that excites you and gets you up in the morning, beyond your paycheque? Do you know HOW to create a life and career you love? What’s holding you back and why? HOW do you change it? Are you living in alignment with your Purpose, Values, and the vision you have, or had, for your life? I'll be sharing insights, how-to-tips, and action steps to help you create a life and career that you love.
Time Management for Working Mamas
4 weekly classes in October that go over managing your time while working from home with kids. We'll be discussing: *organizing your day to avoid stress *how to balance out parenting and working simultaneously *getting quiet time to make calls, record videos, or jump into zoom sessions *what to do when there's a meltdown (you or your kids)
5 Oct, 2020

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