Teaching Member

  • Access to The Limitless Collaborative virtual co-working space

  • Access to all included classes, workshops, groups, and more

  • Access to included recorded content in The Limitless Collaborative online from various providers/instructors

  • Access to a database of various providers, instructors, and vendors for purchasable content, services, and products

  • Ability to create a profile in The Limitless Collaborative online in order to offer services, create and offer content- both free and purchasable, hold private and/or group video conference or call sessions, have direct booking link for TLC member clients, post blogs and podcasts, and be searchable within the TLC online database for both profile and content provided.

  • Ability to teach in The Limitless Collaborative virtual co-working space and/or hold workshops or group meetings- both free and purchasable

  • 1 weekly free training, workshop, or group required at minimum and 1 free course, e-book, or related material available to other members at minimum to be added within 4 weeks of joining.

/ month
+5% fee on sales
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